Monday, June 7, 2010

Moroccan Series No. 4

Now for design No. 4...
I have always liked this design and the color combination of bright fuschia pink and mango orange. These colors make me feel happy!

Moroccan Series No. 3

Design No. 3! I like this design with 3 stamps across the top and bottom of the invitation. I want a skirt made with the stamps...
mustard and raspberry
mango and fuschia

Moroccan Series No. 2

The second design in the Moroccan series.
plum and mustard
hot pink
mango and fuschia

The Moroccan Series No. 1

I designed 9 Moroccan bridal shower and wedding invitations last year for a customer and just haven't had the time to add more color combinations and post them in the shop. I am dividing each design by a series number and there are several colors for each series. This is No. 1!

Bright colors
neutral colors
chambray and plum
apricot and bright blue
plum and celery
mango and fuschia

New Item: Typography Family Tree, "Literally"!

I am thrilled about this new item!  It's been in my mind forever and I finally finished it and got it listed for sale.  This print is customized for each customer using words having to do this families in fun types and fonts.  In the sample here I added a few more kids to our family to show a large family, but it gives you the idea.  What I do is personalize each print with the family name, date of marriage, and names of each of the family members in a bold color so they pop.  Here red is shown to symbolize apples.  You could maybe call this a "Tree of Life" - ha, ha!  It is listed in my shop as 11x14 but can be made in almost any size.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

More beautiful photos from some of my customers

One things that makes my day is to see a fabulous picture of my products, whether I have made them for a customer or someone purchases my patterns and makes it on their own. It makes my job and the hours of lost sleep seem worth it!

Elephant Baby Series

I love little animal silhouettes, especially of jungle and safari animals. Maybe it's because I was born an animal lover. So this set was born because I loved the elephant and had to do design something with it. Here are some of the designs in the Elephant Baby series...